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Do you have a larger number of legal entities for which you want to apply for LEI issuance?

If so, instead of registering them one at a time in the UKLEI portal you can download the bulk registration template (Excel) and bulk registration guidelines once logged in to the UKLEI portal. We recommend to use this for applications of more than 10 LEIs at a time.

Processing will be handled by emailing the filled out template to support@uklei.co.uk.

For anyone seeking the means to facilitate the LEI registration process of others, UKLEI supports what is commonly referred to as an assisted registration process. The service thereby allows for LEI registration on behalf of third parties. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • A parent company applying for LEIs on behalf of its subsidiaries
  • A fund company applying for LEIs on behalf of its funds
  • A financial institution seeking to facilitate its end-clients LEI registration process, and therefore perform the registration on behalf of its client under a power of attorney
  • Legal and accountancy firms applying on behalf of their clients.

All of the above situations can be further simplified from an operational point of view, by using the UKLEI service for bulk registration. Through the service, clients are allowed an easy upload of multiple legal entities' data using excel templates for simultaneous processing, hence avoiding time-consuming one-by-one web portal registrations.

The core challenge firms face in keeping their counterparty ledgers consistent with the Global LEI System, ('GLEIS') arises due to the fact that the process for LEI matching lacks consistent search parameters (i.e. do not contain unique entity identifiers or common keys). For instance, many LEI registrations have been accepted without business registry numbers and legal entity names are far from always kept identical to public registers.

Consequently, matching of internal register records against the GLEIS presumes an approach based on record similarity (as opposed to record exactness), thus requiring powerful 'compare and pair' algorithms to detect specific corresponding records.

To facilitate LEI matching, UKLEI offers clients access to the Congruous data matching and reconciliation software.

Read more about LEI-SureMatch here: white paper (pdf)

In order to get a more detailed insight in the service offering, please contact the UKLEI sales representatives on support@uklei.co.uk.